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About IFC

Independent cinema can mean a different bunch of stuff to different people. At Independent Film Council, we work and support towards independent cinemas that share our vision.

We value everyone in our community and welcome them as our members, patrons, guests, and participants. We focus on communication, curiosity, passion, and discussion.

We lead the way in creativity, with a broad programme of films from all over the world.

Cinema Programming

Film programming is at the heart of Independent Film Council. Our goal is to create a film culture that is open, thriving and challenging. We work closely with independent filmmakers to help them scope out to new audiences and satisfy the existing ones.

We pioneer to offer a space to discover ideas, experiences, viewpoints, and people.

Workshops & Seminars

We at the Independent Film Council give preference to learning and knowledge sharing means. We organize film workshops and skill training modules at an affordable cost so that independent cinema professionals can benefit from the high-level knowledge that ensures the film sector is successful, innovative and progressive.

We also run events and seminars for independent cinema professionals that help to build a robust sector, networking, and encourage collaboration.

Independent Film Council
Administrative Office:

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