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IFC Film Data Bank

One of the fallacies for independent short filmmakers is that there is no obligation made so far to build an archive for their creative works. We at Independent Film Council are committed to work on this field and constitute a complete database of short films, documentaries, animations, video arts, experimental and alternative film media, at one place, which can be referred for our regular screening events as well as to study the independent filmmaking scenario in future.
We know it is a gigantic task and requires a huge amount of time, patience, and discipline. However, we are determined to take the first step. We make our sincere request to the fellow filmmakers to come forward to help us in compiling and evolving this gigantic assignment by submitting details of their independent creative works (short films, experimental films, alternative films, animations, documentaries etc.).
To submit the details of your creative works to our film data bank, please click below:

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